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P1/2 Mrs Magee

First Day Smiles all round from our lovely new P1 class.

Summer Assembly 2016 - A M A Z I N G, AMAZING, AMAZING !!!

Beautiful Baby Leo - what a wee dote!

Dara's Chicks - an 'eggs'ellent time was had by all.

School Trip 2016 - JumpboxxNI & Omniplex Newry to see 'Top Cat.'

Harry's Robot - his name is 'Jamie.'

P1/2 Visit to Ballymartin beach

Niamh Participated in her first Gymnastics Gala

Caitlin wins Gingerbread Man competition

Sunflower Day @ Mourne Stimulus - A F A N T A S T I C Morning

Look who's 6! Happy Birthday Oisin

Look who Mrs Magee met at the 5k Colour Run!!!

We've been using 'COLLABORATE' with P7 class - it's super fun!

Numicon activities - We absolutely love them!

Trixie the Pixie Adding Activity

Measuring with cubes - predicting 1st of course!

Ava doing some super 'Sh' word work

Granny Sinead with our future pupil - Baby Boy Rooney

Harry Potter comes to Ballymartin

Local author Lucy McVeigh - Bobby Bear gets courage

Finian's 6th Birthday

Measuring Fun in P1/2

Run, run, as fast as you can... You can't catch me, I'm the GINGERBREAD MAN

Story time with a twist - Mr Declan Carville (author of 'The Fairy Glen' & many more children's books)

Happy Birthday to Caitlin

What's the time, Mr. Wolf?

Grandparent's Day 2016

Open Day 2015 - A bunch of real busy bees

Caoimhe Eyre - A Trophy for Horse Riding - W O W

Christmas Dinner 2015 - Y U M M Y

Our Favourite Fruit Pictograms

Number Rapper's Assembly - Jay Z in da House !

Maths Week - Play Your Cards Right - Ballymartin Style

Maths Week - A visit from First Trust's Mandy

Time Travellers

Christmas Store

Cracker Factory


Turkey Trot

Going Backwards

In the Town of Bethlehem

Skipping with Anna

Maths Activities with P7

Spooky Singing

Making Spooky Playdoh

Autumn Assembly

The Great St.Joseph's Jam Making Morning

We're going on a Blackberry Hunt - We're not scared!!!

Leaf Fight Time - K A P P O W !!!

Adding using 'Counting on' strategy - P2

European Languages Day - S P A N I S H in P1/2

Come Dine with Me - P1 Style !

Everybody say " C H E E S E "

A very special visitor - Miss Anna Rose McGlue (Ethan's baby sister)

Roald Dahl dress up day - Can you name the character???

Feeding time at the 'S' zoo.