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P1/2 Mrs Magee

Football Fun with Seamus Heath !!!

Lets make CVC words

P1`s Partitioning Activity

The day the ladybird came to school

Learning all about O`Clock

P2 Boys Bushwhacker Jeep - WOW !

Happy Birthday Aishling

P1/2 colour pattern activities

Pirate Fun - Arrrgh!

Counting up to 15 - not just starting at 1 !!!

We can make sets right up to 15 !

Aimee T takes the minature Pygmy goats to school.

Double Bubble - Solar Eclipse & Culture Day 2015

PE with Garreth - Stopping, dribbling and kicking!

P1 are learning to 'Partition' - W O W !

P2 are busy making CVCC words - independently

Our Winter Alive - O Songs

Grandparent's Day 2015

Playing our new numeracy game - Ellie the Elephant

P1 Open Day 2014 - what a lovely time had by all !

The Great Ballymartin Bake-Off - The 'Penny' cake & bun sale

Band of Angels


Angels and Devils

This Time Tomorrow

Let's Bop

No Room at the Inn

New Star in the Sky

This Little King

The Nativity Story

A visit from Danielle Newell - Coastguard and Deep Sea Diver (and past pupil.)

P1 Listening Walk

P1's first long day - and yummy lunch/dinner!

A lovely vist from the Down Ladies - Lauren & Sinead

PE lesson with Garreth Thornton

P1 - making number 1's

Under the Sea Fun

Practical Numeracy - you can't beat it!

Our brilliant new P1's.

P2's are back in school - and mean business!

Busy, busy, busy !!!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 50th Anniversary celebrations in P1/2