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Healthy Eating Tasting Workshop

School Council 2016/17


Primary 7: Eoin and Sarah


Primary 6: Aaron and Rhianna


Primary 5: Cara and Fergus


Primary 4: Keva and Maia


This year we have been focusing on healthy eating in school, especially at break time.


We have completed lots of activities to help us make healthy choices. P5/6 got to have a tasting workshop to try a variety of fruit and vegetables.

Our Healthy Eating Presentation

This year, we have organised and advertised Anna a coach from Dan the Skipping Man to come and teach us amazing new tricks and skills!

School Council 2015-2016.


Primary 4: Cara and Fergus


Primary 5: Aaron and Rhianna


Primary 6: Sarah and Eoin


Primary 7: Kerrie, Abbie and Eoin

School Council 2013-14


Primary 7  Katie and Callum 


Primary 6  Rory and Eve


Primary 5  Eoin and Kerrie


Primary 4  Maia and Tom

The School Council would like all children at St Joseph's Primary School to complete the questionnaire below. It will help us (and Mr Kelly) make decisions on how we can create a better school. Thank you for your help.


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